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5 Important Features of Successful Franchise Businesses


Franchising a business requires careful consideration of the company or brand into which you are planning to buy as well as taking stock of your own capabilities and commitment level towards growing your business.

All good franchise businesses share certain traits and characteristics that are hallmarks of their continued success. The good news is that becoming franchisee comes with certain levels of support on the part of the franchisor’s particular operating system. If that foundation is solid and you work hard at it, your business should turn a healthy profit over time.

Whether you’ve decided to open a fast food restaurant franchise or a low cost carpet cleaning franchise, these are the attributes that you will need to seek out and adhere to in order to achieve your business goals:

1. Financial Situation

Every good entrepreneur knows that you need money to make money and when it comes to operating a successful franchise business your finances can be the first big hurdle to overcome. Seeking out the right franchising opportunity should take into account the various entry fees and expenses that you’ll be expected to pay as you get your business off the ground.

So before you embark on this sort of business endeavor, you need to figure out how much money you can afford to invest into this enterprise and how much you can stand to lose should things not go as planned.

You must also know what all the costs and fees are up front, before you invest and a successful franchise business will present all of those monetary components in a clear and concise manner. Always know what you’re getting into financially before you buy in and if you have any questions, always ask.

2. Reputation

Every company lives or dies by its reputation. Those with a positive track record of exceptional customer service and long-time satisfaction in the marketplace are the companies that endure time and again. So how’s the track record of your franchise business? Has the company established itself as a strong competitor in its particular industry? All the really successful franchises demonstrate these facets.

This also extends to the image of the company or brand. Customer awareness is also very important and the more widely known the brand, the better it is for you as a franchise business owner.

3. Franchising System

One of the most important features of running a successful business is to operate the franchise in accordance with how the system is structured. That means sticking with the product or service you’re offering as it was designed by the franchising company.

Too many franchise owners will try to make small adjustments in any number of facets from the product itself to the marketing methods, even the hours of operation or storefront design. These are not necessary if you’ve done your research into the type of franchise business you feel enthusiastic about owning and operating.

Furthermore, it could put your franchise agreement at risk of being canceled. So be sure to stay in compliance with the company’s standards and specifications for product quality and consistency. A good franchise business can only succeed if it falls in line with the level of product integrity that customers expect from your brand.

4. Effective Employee Training

It’s the same in any type of business. Your enterprise is only as good as the personnel whom you hire to operate it. Every successful franchise business owner must also understand this critical part of entrepreneurship.

When your employees are properly trained they have the confidence to perform better and make your business shine. Franchisors will typically offer new franchise owners an initial training period of one to three weeks, depending on the type of product or service you are providing to the customer.

But even after that initial training period, it’s important to continue training your employees and re-training them as the business thrives. New challenges can emerge at any time and when your staff is better apprised of the various obstacles that might exist to delivering the highest quality service possible, they can be well-equipped to avoid those pitfalls to ensure the business thrives.

5. Maintaining Strong Franchisor Relations

The relationship between your franchise business and the franchisor with whom you are working is a vital part of achieving success. Keeping an open line of consistent communication between the two is how good businesses become great. Your participation in the network of franchisees will help you to provide valuable input that can improve your fortunes as well as your fellow business owners.