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RAID Data Recovery  


At the end of the day, we all lose data we would rather keep around, and for reasons we hate to come across. Yes, some forms of data loss are easier to come to terms with than others, yet they all are unwanted occurrences. The data storage system in a computer is both highly specialized as it is differentiated. This means therefore, that the information is stored in a specific manner, meaning the loss or damage of specific computer hardware is likely to disrupt the data records on that particular hardware.

The RAID data storage

The Redundant Array of Independent Disks refers to the technology used in computer data storage and visualization that combines several physical disk components to form logical units that work to provide data redundancy while also improving computer performance. Thus, the data stored on the RAID is more likely to be lost through physical damage to the computer, action of malware among others, and is still essential that the said data be recovered.

The significance of data stored on the RAID cannot be overstated. RAID data is directly responsible for improving an array of computer storage systems, performance of applications and the actual availability of data. The Redundant array of independent disks technique also stores duplicate information on multiple disks, making it harder for your computer to lose all of its essential data at once. It is for this reason that the RAID data recovery is considered a top priority in any recovery process.

How to recover RAID data

Professional data recovery specialists use a variety of tools to recover RAID data. Some of these tools and techniques can work on recovering both RAID data as well as that from other data storage areas on a computer. The common methods of recovering lost RAID data include the following;

  • ReclaiMe RAID Recovery tool

This is a free data recovery tool inasmuch as it has a premium version. They are both available online and can be used by those interested in recovering own data, or by the professional data recovery expert using the premium version. The software ranks among the easiest to use on the market, and is most efficient because it works with the most common types of RAID.

  • The EaseUS RAID recovery tool

Like the ReclaiMe tool above, the EaseUS recovery tool is very useful when attempting to recover lost data from RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 and even RAID10. For a successful RAID data recovery exercise, there is no better software to guarantee the most complete data restoration than what is attained using the EaseUS software.

  • Salvage Data recovery tool

It is also one of the best tool who provides all types of recovery services and the software is designed in such a way that it can be easily handle by any non-technical user. They provides full time support which is really helpful in case of emergency and the cost is also very reasonable. Overall it is having full ratings through different customers without any single negative review. Just logon to site salvagedata for more information.